TAPA FUGAS K11® - Eliminate small leaks in AC/R HVAC-R

Tapa Fugas K11® universal sealant to eliminate small leaks universal sealant to eliminate small leaks

TF K11® is a high performance sealant to eliminate fluid leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration, hvac-r and automotive systems. Suitable for any type or dimension of equipment, it is compatible with all types of fluids and lubricants. Its formula is free of polymers and has the main international certifications. Its sophisticated technology is developed and manufactured by Spectroline® in the USA.

Ideal for:

  • Air conditioning
  • Window conditioners
  • Splits
  • Multi-splits
  • VRF
  • VRV
  • Chillers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerated counters and displays
  • Cold rooms
  • Wineries (small and large)
  • Drinking troughs
  • Any type of system that uses a refrigerant fluid

Forms of distribution:

  • SERINGA – for pressureless or vacuum systems
  • GLO-STICK® – injectable with fluid in systems with or without pressure and in vacuum
  • MULTIDOSIS – with BEZ 50 INJECTOR for systems with no pressure, and “never in a vacuum”
  • REFIL – requires OIL INJECTORS or recyclers

All the quality and safety of the leading sealant in the HVAC/R segment, now available for the automotive segment!

Micro saddle leaks into condensers, evaporators, accumulators, o-rings and hoses - fast and permanent! Compatible with any type of oil and with HFO R-1234yf, R-134a, R-404A and R-452A. Without polymers, oil-soluble formula, it can be used safely in all Air Conditioning and Automotive Refrigeration systems.

MINIMUM DOSING & DILUTION – 10ml per vehicle, for oil charge above 300ml add 1ml per 30ml of oil


  • VANS
  • BUS

Dosing by refrigeration port

This method is a facilitator for the technical teams in the two decisions necessary for the operation, which is the “dosage” of TFK11 and which is the “injection system”, which is conditioned if the system is “with or without pressure”.

Minimum dosage:For any system the minimum universal dosage is 10ml.

Dosage Up until TFK11
10ml 3TR or 36.000 BTU/h 1 UN GS 10ml or SERYNGE 10ml
15ml 4 TR or 48.000 BTU/h 2 UN GS 10ml or SERYNGE 10ml
20ml 5 TR or 60.000 BTU/h 2 UN GS 10ml or SERYNGE 10ml
30ml 8 TR or 96.000 BTU/h 3 UN GS 10ml or SERYNGE 10ml
60ml Above 8 TR or 96,000 BTU / h, the most effective dosage is by Dilution in the Lubricant.

Note: TFK11 dosages can be injected using any of the available K11 injection systems, SYRINGE 10ml for “no pressure” systems; GS and MD for systems “with or without pressure”, and REFIL for systems “without pressure with plastic injector 60ml”, or “with pressure with metal injector”. It can also be injected through an “automotive air conditioning recycler”.

Exception – In vacuum, do not use the MD system, since the vacuum force will suck the product into the system, making it impossible to measure accurately, which is only possible with the system without pressure or pressurized by the refrigerant.

Dosing calculator

Equipment data

Inform the QUANTITY OF OIL in the system

Inform the AMOUNT OF OIL in the system

Application methods


1º) Connect the SYRINGE CONNECTOR (EK.88.294) to the system's low service valve (NO PRESSURE);

2º) Thread the SYRINGE to the connector, and slowly apply the 10ml TFK11;

3º) End the operation by disconnecting the SYRINGE / CONNECTOR and proceeding with the vacuum and fluid loading operation as defined by the system manufacturer.

NOTE 1.: SERYNGE medical type, luer-lock connection defined by ISO 594.
OBS 2.: for AUTOS - use the recycler or QUICK COUPLER.


Fluid injection application in SINGLE DOSE using the SAE REGISTER adapter for the TFK11 GS - 10ml as shown below:

1º) Use the pressure from the system / compressor and the fluid cylinder to purge / eliminate air from the hoses to the FRONT andREAR registers;

2º) Thread the TAPA FUGAS K11® CAPSULE between the two SAE REGISTERS with the pressurized hoses;

3º) Slowly open the SAE REGISTERS and MANIFOLD REGISTERS releasing the charge of sufficient refrigerant to introduce the entire dosage of TAPA FUGAS K11® required for the system size;

4º) When the fluid flow injects the entire amount of TAPA FUGAS K11® into the system, close the FRONT / REAR SAE REGISTERS and MANIFOLD REGISTER. The operation was completed.


Application with INJECTOR BEZ-50 + ADAPTER ¾ to ¼ in MULTIDOSE version of the products: TF MD - 60ml and TF MD - 118ml as shown below:

1º) Couple the base of the MULTIDOSIS CAPSULE to the BEZ-50 SPECTROLINE injector;

2º) Couple the 1/4 male 3/4 female adapter to theMULTIDOSIS CAPSULE outlet;

3º) Connect the small hose to the MULTIDOSIS CAPSULE / ADAPTER and eliminate air from the hose by injecting the contents of the CAPSULE;

4º) Connect the hose to the low pressure service inlet and inject the contents of the CAPSULE into the system by screwing the injector and dosing the amount defined for the system;

Note: a) This method supports up to 450 PSI; b) For R410A use specific hose / service inlet adapter.


1º) Load the injector with the amount needed for the MAIS 10ml system to purge the air from the connection hose. This excess product may remain in the injector hose for future applications or returned to the TFK11 REFIL packaging;

2º) Connect the OIL INJECTOR to the system's low pressure service valve and slowly inject the product until the required amount is completed.

- PLASTIC INJECTORS – NO PRESSURE systems (EK 13.028/2 e EK 13.028 B)
- METAL INJECTORS (commercially available) - withstand high pressure


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