Viper Venom Pack BRIGHTENER Cleaner

Viper Venom Pack BRIGHTENER Cleaner

Restore neglected and extremely dirty coils to their original performance with our pure concentrate, non-acid, high foaming coil brightener.

This product’s alkaline nature will strip coils of heavily embedded grease and grime, restoring the metal to a bright “like new” shine.

Our coil brightener is maximum strength and should only be used by skilled HVAC/R professionals.

One package contains up to 32 liters of cleaner. The results are impressive!

NSF registered for safe use in food and biodegradable environments.

  • Brightens coils to a like new shine
  • High Foaming
  • Non-Acid
  • Lightweight pure concentrate
Cleaning Type Use To Make Bag
Extreme Duty 1:10 354ml 4L 12L
Heavy Duty 1:12 295ml 4L 14L
Medium Duty 1:16 236ml 4L 18L
Light Duty 1:33 118ml 4L 32L


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