Tapa Fugas K11 K11 2in1 - The world's best selant + The world's best Contrast

The world's best selant + The world's best Contrast

Eliminates micro leaks and fluorescently locates “all” the leak points. The Contrast Spectroline added to TAPA FUGAS K11 is a robust solution for the location and elimination of fluid leaks, which continues to work 24/7 on the seal and allowing periodic inspections to control new leaks. High performance speci fi cated sealant to control and combat leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems AC / R, of any type or dimension.

Forms of distribution:

  • GLO-STICK® – injectable with fluid in systems with or without pressure and in vacuum


  • 15ml – for systems up to 42.000 BTU/h or 3,5 ton of cooling

Dosing calculator

Equipment data

Inform the QUANTITY OF OIL in the system

Inform the AMOUNT OF OIL in the system


Fluid injection application in SINGLE DOSE using the SAE REGISTER adapter for the TF K11 2em1 GS – 15ml as shown below:

1º) Use the pressure from the system / compressor and the fluid cylinder to purge / eliminate air from the hoses to the FRONT andREAR registers;

2º) Thread the TAPA FUGAS K11®strong> CAPSULE between the two SAE REGISTERSstrong> with the pressurized hoses;

3º) Slowly open the SAE REGISTERS and MANIFOLD REGISTERS releasing the charge of sufficient refrigerant to introduce the entire dosage of TAPA FUGAS K11® required for the system size;

4º) When the fluid flow injects the entire amount of TAPA FUGAS K11® into the system, close the FRONT / REAR SAE REGISTERS and MANIFOLD REGISTER. The operation was completed.


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