K11 Nylog - HVAC-R Sealant for Flanges, Fittings and Gaskets

K11 Nylog - Sealant for sealing and threaded rubber

K11 NYLOG is an elastic and ultra viscous fluid made from synthetic compressor oil specially developed for use in AC-R cooling and air conditioning systems.

K11 NYLOG is unique in the world.

K11 NYLOG never dries out or sticks to surfaces, even on parts of the systems exposed to the sun and heat. Usable in different parts of the systems: in sealing rubbers such as gaskets, O-rings, Shreder valves and even compressor joints. Also in flanges and connections of the system or outside it as in the connections of hoses, Manifold, recyclers and vacuum pumps. It is ideal for new installations and indispensable for preventive and corrective maintenance in all types of AC/R systems, including automotive.

K11 NYLOG is a product certified by ASHRAE - protocol 97, which guarantees chemical stability and full security for the system, and also by NSF which approves its use in factories, storage and distribution of food in the United States and Europe.

  • Never hardens or crystallizes
  • Lubricate O-rings and Gaskets
  • Flange seal and threaded connections
  • OEM approved
  • Does not contaminate the system


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