Company - K11 Maximum Performance in the HVAC-R Sector

The main focus of K11 is to combat refrigerant leaks

We offer products that reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The GOOD PRACTICES concept is an essential value for K11.

K11 is MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE in the HVAC-R (Abrava) sector by increasing productivity in preventive and corrective maintenance processes, as well as in the performance and operation of commercial, industrial, home, or automotive refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Exhibitor at FEBRAVA in the years 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 stood out winning prizes SEAL FEATURE INNOVATION FEBRAVA in the four editions.

K11 is an ABRAVA and SINDRATAR member company, participant in the National Departments of Commerce, Environment, Indoor Air Quality and Automotive. He is part of the Working Group GT HCFCs of the Brazilian HCFC Elimination Program of the Ministry of Environment and of the Technical Chamber of Refrigeration of CETESB of the Government of São Paulo.

Distribution partners

Elke s.r.l was established in 2003 and it is specialized in the production of chemical products and service equipment for Automotive and HVAC&R air conditioning industry. We know that protecting the environment is very important. That's why we constantly invest part of our energies in research and development, so that we can offer new environmentally friendly products and solutions.The constant dialogue with our customers, together with our experience, allows us to assist them in determining the most appropriate solutions for all their needs.

Refrigeration Technologies, a family owned company, was established in 1987 by John Pastorello, a contractor who was tired of using obsolete chemicals. A trained chemist became an HVAC/R technician, used his love of science to invent a proprietary brand of products that would change the way industry viewed chemicals in particular. This innovative spirit continues to strengthen and advance the HVAC/R industry, increasing efficiency, profits and sustainability.

SPECTROLINE & TRACERPRODUCTS are the trademarks of SPECTRONICS CORPORATION, inventor of Leak Detection Technology by fluorescent reaction. Since 1955, he has led the world market for ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent dyes in the HVAC-R & AUTOMOTIVE segment.